A Long Awaited Update

Yes it has been some time since I have made a post here, on this, my website.

To be honest I’m not quite sure what to do with it but I would certainly like to make it more of a fun and engaging destination. That may be some time down the road, however do know it is a plan, it is on the list!

So in terms of an update:


Twitch has been going great. Since my last post here I’ve gained over 500 followers. Yeah, I tripled the reach of the channel, and all I had to do was trim some fat + toxicity. Of course there’s still a ton more work to do. I don’t know what the goal is with Twitch right now, but having fun and chilling + playing games with the Chillfam, for the time being, is more than enough for me to be happy!

Join the Chillfam over on Twitch today by visiting my Channel and dropping a follow (it helps a ton!):



YouTube has been really exceeding my expectations lately. In the last month I’ve more than doubled my channel/video views. My watch time has increased by more than 4 times what it was previously. Truly something to feel good about. YouTube Shorts have been really good to me, it’s a shame the conversion rate to get subscribers from them is so low. But I suppose when content is that short, disposable, and somewhat unremarkable, you can’t expect to get big conversions from it. Still, my subscriber base has increased by more than 20 people in less than a month, and for my channel that’s a massive increase.

I’ve also been putting out some non-short format content, most notably the Nintendo Direct in September (re-branded as the Chillbro® ReDirect), and highlighted content of my reactions to many of the announcements.

I’ve also been livestreaming to YouTube on a mostly weekly basis, mainly consisting of Pokemon UNITE content. I will be stopping Pokemon UNITE, as the game is in a very bad state, however I will be looking at an alternative to have still at least one stream a week on my YouTube channel.

Drop a subscription and join in all the YouTube fun, where the majority of my greatest content appears (shorts, video essays, special livestreams, previous twitch broadcasts, etc.):



TikTok, when I first started posting, was a pretty good platform for growth and engagement. However conversion rates to other platforms are abysmally low, and the conversion rate is now worse than it has ever been since TikTok moved to it’s pay-to-be-played model.

That said I still post a lot of my YouTube Shorts content to TikTok (even though it does infinitely worse than it does on YouTube in 98% of cases) and every once in a blue moon I will post exclusive content to TikTok. So if that’s something that interests you and you use TikTok a lot, definitely give me a follow over there:



My Instagram is a place where I tend to post more personal things, things closer to the Chill bro. Lately I’ve also been posting Pokemon AR Snapshot photos there every Monday for PokeMonday. Check it out, so far they are all shiny Pokemon and it is very cool:



I continue to post on Twitter (or shout into the void, as I like to call it) for a few very loyal Chillfam members.

If I ever crack the Twitter nut I’ll let you know. Until then give me a follow over there if you want to see me at my saltiest and also most profound:



I have a Facebook now. Made it the other day. Don’t ask why I decided to do it, I just did.

Just do it:



Alright now it’s brass tacks time; what can you expect for the rest of the year, from me, Chillbro?

Well first, and coming very soon, is the continuation of creating tutorial content very similar to my tutorial on how to make OBS stinger transitions for free using Shotcut and GIMP. Check out that video and the post I made about it here:


My plan is to create a series of episodes I have so far titled Chillbro’s Content Creation Crash Course. It will consist of (at time of writing this post) 7 episodes that will help you get started creating content right away; livestreaming, video content, graphical content, etc. using only Free and Open Source software that is available for all major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

My normal stuff will be coming out as well; shorts, livestreams, etc. and I have a special video planned for Christmas… something I’ve never really done before… If I have enough time to produce it definitely keep an eye out because it’ll be something else, literally!

Watch for a post on Chillbro’s Content Creation Crash Course dropping here soon with a shorter video that will introduce the course, what it’s aims are, and what the release timeline will be.

Thank you for reading my blog post!

Keep on keepin’ on!

Stay pretty,

Chillbro Baggins