Custom Stinger Transitions for OBS

Ever wondered how to get a free personalized custom stinger transition for OBS on your stream?

(low-key they can also be used in edits as custom transitions)

I explain to the best of my ability how to create a transition I use during my streams in a chill tutorial video. Try making one yourself; all of the software is free to own, use, and manipulate (open-source).

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of creating your first of many transitions for OBS using Open Source Software. With the FREE and Open Source applications: GIMP and Shotcut you can make sleek transitions for your broadcast to Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and more broadcasting with OBS.

Get the Sample Files (Git):

Application Websites:


  • Breakdown of Steps
  • Beginning of Technical Tutorial
  • Step 1 | Create Images with GIMP to edit in Shotcut
  • Step 2 | Import images to Shotcut and animate each one with filters and keyframes
  • Step 3 | Save and Export Shotcut project as webm VP9 with alpha channel
  • Step 4 | Close/Reopen Shotcut to import the webm we just made
  • Step 5 | Apply Chroma Key. Export project as webm VP9 with alpha channel
  • Step 6 | Add custom Stinger transition to OBS
  • Step 7 | Switch through scenes in OBS to confirm the transition is working properly
  • Conclusion