Introducing Chillbro’s Content Creation Crash Course

Coming soon to my YouTube channel: Chillbro’s Content Creation Crash Course!

Chllbro’s Content Creation Crash Course is an educational and professional development series, planned to span across 7 episodes.

The Content Creation Crash Course is for Creators of all skill levels; experienced, new, and aspiring!

Being creative shouldn’t come with a price tag!

My course is different. How? All the software and tools featured and used are Free and Open Source (with a few optional exceptions).

What to expect

Here is a list of all the episodes coming to Chillbro’s Content Creation Crash Course (titles are subject to change, but the topic will remain the same):

Episode 1: Start Creating For Free, NOW!

An introduction to the Content Creation Crash Course and offering info on how to get, and use, free and open source software to start creating content.

Episode 2: Building Your Best Brand

As many successful Content Creators know; cultivating, building, and maintaining an engaged audience relies on having great and instantly recognizable branding.

Episode 3: Get Out There And Triumph! Finding Your Optimal Platforms

How well your content does depends heavily on the platforms you choose to share your content to. Each platform is different and discovery on each platform is optimized when producing ‘tailored content’. The platforms you choose will also depend heavily on who you target audience is.

Episode 4: Imagine Your Image and Realize It Using GIMP

A picture speaks 1000 words, and can take considerably less time to craft than an essay. Learning how to create images for various purposes will prepare you for creating more complex video content as well as compliment your brand and your creator skill-set.

Episode 5: Start Cutting Content Using Shotcut (Widescreen for YouTube)

Some of the most common and impactful content we come across is widescreen content produced for video sharing websites like YouTube. Widescreen content is familiar to most people and a good place to start if part of your brand is producing videos. Shotcut is a free and open source video editing application with robust features for creating content.

Episode 6: A New Perspective For Video Content (Creating Portrait Videos for TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram Using Shotcut)

With the recent explosion of content intended to be watched primarily on mobile devices in their default portrait orientation (TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels) it is important, almost necessary, to know how to create content in the portrait orientation. Using Shotcut you can easily re-purpose widescreen content for portrait viewing, or create content to be viewed specifically in the portrait format.

Episode 7: How to Thrive When Going Live (Using OBS Studio to Live Stream on Twitch and YouTube)

Live Streaming has become one of the most popular forms of content over the last decade, and it gives creators an incredible way to entertain and interact with people in real time. Using OBS Studio you can start your Live Streaming Career nearly instantly.

I’m looking forward to releasing this series and working hard to make sure you get the best info possible. I’ve been using all of the featured programs for at least 5 years now for my own content; and I’m ready to share everything I’ve learned with you!

Get started NOW!

If you can’t wait and want to get started now please see my OBS Stinger Transition Tutorial from a few years back. It’s now over 10 000 views and has helped many creators find an alternative to paid software (like the Adobe CS).