Nintendo Direct E3 2019 Live Reaction Stream

I was watching, reacting to, grading, predicting, and shit talking (because I love’em) the Nintendo Direct E3 2019 Live broadcast on my Twitch stream.

Watch it here and continue reading if you want/like spoilers.

Animal Crossing New Horizons looks great. Very excited to get my hands on that one in… 2020. Sigh.

The Zelda Link’s Awakening remake looks okay. I’m not huge on the graphical style but the gameplay looks solid. For a game I’ve never experienced it’ll likely be worth checking out.

Big reveals for Smash Ultimate: I don’t know how many people are stoked on The Hero from Dragon Quest, but he looks like he’ll make for an interesting way to play with the action sub-menu thingy.

Banjo-Kazooie confirmed for Smash! We got trolled and then un-trolled on that one. GJ Nintendo. Too bad they didn’t announce any re-releases from the series for Switch as well.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 looks like it’ll be a fun time with the online and local multiplayer, similar to what was offered in Dark Moon, except maybe there will be people to play with this time.

That’s the most note-able stuff from the Nintendo Direct E3 2019. Not really much else to speak about. I mean there’s some Dragon Quest games, Fire Emblem, another RTS, that chained to a robot DMC type game, Mario and Sonic at the Olympics 2020, The Witcher 3 Complete, Contra Top Down Shooter & Anniversary Collection… and uh…


At the end of the Direct Nintendo showed a short, but meaty, and gorgeous, trailer to reveal that a sequel to the incredible Breath of the Wild is now in development (presumably for Switch.)

What There Wasn’t

Some things missing from the direct were Pikmin (I’m so sorry Arlo), Metroid (wasn’t expected but again, Arlo, I am so sorry), Switch hardware variants/revisions (Switch Pro/Lite), and perhaps saddest of all for me:

No SNES Virtual Console Confirmed at E3 2019 🙁

That’s right. No SNES on Switch with Nintendo Online Service. This is a sad lad day. Sad lads unite.