Introducing the Beyblade Online Organized Battle Association (BOOBA)

The Beyblade Online Organized Battle Association (or BOOBA for short) is a passion project I have started after re-kindling my adoration for battle tops!

I’m super excited and motivated to make BOOBA more fun than anything else you’ve ever seen on online when it comes to Beyblade.

The details are still being worked on, but BOOBA does have Social Media which you should absolutely check out!

BOOBA on Social Media
Look for the BOOBA logo on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and Trovo!

Start by visiting BOOBAinsider; the Official Source on the Internet for everything BOOBA! Currently the site is under construction but it does feature links to BOOBA all over Social Media.

I’m planning to have the first official BOOBA livestream at the end of November. The plan is to simultaneously stream to as many platforms as possible, so you can watch BOOBA wherever you feel comfortable!

Beep on beepin’ on, and bay bretty~