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Let Your Chungi Free

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If you’ve got FrankerFaceZ I’ve got emotes. Home of Chungizard! Chungizard emote

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Check out my other originals and add my public ones to your own set. New ones are added as the inspiration strikes.

Chat Commands

Use these commands in Twitch chat to enhance your stream experience!

!pennies – displays how many pennies you have

!top5 – displays the top 5 penny hoarders

!spreadlove (amount) – starts a minigame to spread love in the chat

!roshambo (user) – challenges a user in chat to roshambo! (costs 42 pennies)

!uptime – shows the stream uptime

!tophours – shows top 5 viewers ranked by (live) hours watched.

!plug (username) – shout-out a twitch channel!

!discord – get a link to The Shire on Higher

!youtube – get a link to Chillbro’s YouTube Channel

!twitter – get a link to Chillbro’s Twitter

!chillzone – get a link to Chillbro’s website (where you are right now!)

!sfx – a list of sound effects you can use and their cost/a brief description

Full List Of Chat Commands


!2hot4twitch – 690 – sexual innuendo

!bragadocious – 66 – gonna get bragggg

!cheating – 66 – this is full on cheating

!excuseme – 69 – princess

!snap – 69 – what a sweet move

!motivation – 6969 – listen with eyes closed


The links to my gear are a part of the Amazon Associates program. I gotta tell you that there’s #commissionsearned if you buy any of these things using a link from this page. Ask me for more info about any of my gear if you’d like to know more!